A Tsutsugaki Fragment: Patched and Indigo Dyed

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
58" x 13", 147.5 cm x 33 cm

This long panel of hand woven, repaired, indigo dyed cloth was dyed in the tsutsugaki method, a technique that usesĀ freehand-drawn paste resist to create, at times, elaborate images.

In this case, at the bottom of the length, we see a small cluster of pine rendered in the traditional manner and shown in white and pale blue against a midnight-blue background.

One of the twelve mending patches on this length also shows a fragment of the same design. Note the small hole to the top of the length. This piece is hand woven from hand spun cotton yarns.

A wonderfully simple design done in a traditional folk textile technique, this fragment is a delightful length of old boro cloth.

A Tsutsugaki Fragment: Patched and Indigo Dyed