A Tsutsugaki Dyed Futon Cover: Stylized Ivy in Indigo

$95.00 USD

early twentieth century
56 1/2" x 41", 143.5 cm x 104 cm

This is a crisp, never-yet-used indigo dyed tsutsugaki futon cover that is hand stitched from three separate panels.

The cloth seems hand spun and hand woven and since it is in untouched condition we can imagine it was made, never used and put into storage.

The bold, central image emblazoned on the futon cover is that of stylized ivy which is more than likely a family crest. The image itself is pared-down with no extraneous design details other than its wide, white silhouette which creates a strong and captivating visual presence.

The indigo is so deep in tone that it reads as almost-black should you decide to acquire this piece there are multiple uses for it, from display to use as a home accessory or to study for its traditional technique.

A beauty.