A Tsutsugaki Dyed Boro Mat: Two Distinct Sides

$195.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
32 1/2" x 36", 82.5 cm x 91.5 cm

This is an oddly-sized, finished mat which is made of re-purposed cottons, two very different types of cotton on its two sides.

The proper front side is hand stitched from scraps of hand spun, hand loomed, patched and repaired indigo dyed cotton, quite worn. Significant to this side are the fragments of a tsutsugaki dyed family crest of crossed arrow feathers--just beautiful.

The reverse side is jarringly different from the monochrome front side: the reverse is a mixture of sharply colored and large-scale cotton plaids in clashing colors of red, yellow, black and white. 

The cloth was used as some kind of mat, probably for sitting or possibly for a child to sleep on.

A really attractive boro textile with a good deal of old cloth and nice surprises.