A Three Panel Rustic Sakiori Mat: Thickly Woven Rag Weave

$295.00 USD

early twentieth century
55 1/2" x 34 1/4", 141 cm x 87.5 cm

This is a rustic, three panel sakiori ori mat that has been made from a warp of thick, beige-toned cotton yarns against which a weft of mainly neutral-toned rag has been woven.

The result is a thickly-textured cloth that shows an overall faint or generally neutral coloration composed of red, blue-grey, oatmeal tones and black which dominate the subdued palette of tones.

The cloth is heavy and is well-used.

Snags to the surface can be seen as well as an overall patina from wear. The top border is turned over on itself. It is finished in black cotton, folded over and is stitched down to the back of the piece. Here and there, especially on this stitched border, there is a loosening of and small areas of loss to the woven yarns.

This subtly toned and thickly woven rustic mat of sakiori weaving is rustic--and it is beautiful just for these reasons.