A Three Panel Resist Dyed Hemp Boro Noren: Sashiko Stitched Name

$285.00 USD

early twentieth century
60" x 39", 152.5 cm x 99 cm

This is a very beautiful, three panel, resist-dyed hemp noren that shows some wear and is patched on the back. The hemp yarns are hand plied.

The design shows a bold, centrally placed, resisted circle. Inside the circle on the center panel the kanji "kawa" or "river" is sashiko stitched; the stitching is placed over a ghost image of three, wide, horizontal bands.

There is wear to the bottom of the noren which can be seen on the accompanying photos; there is a patch to the back of the central panel of the noren and there are some small passages of wear and loss, none terrible, which also can be seen on the detail photos.

A wonderfully bold object from old Japan, and a very handsome piece in and of itself.