A Three Panel Boro Textile: Beautiful on Both Sides

$195.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
54" x 37", 137 cm x 94 cm

Both sides of this boro futon cover are visually appealing, so please make sure to peruse all the photographs attached here. The photos illustrate the two sides of this old, indigo dyed cotton cloth in fairly accurate detail.

The base cloth is a beautifully faded, indigo dyed cotton of wide, woven stripes.  This type of wide striped cotton was often used for bedding in the 19th century.  You will not that the light fading is uneven and there are some faint stains on the sparser side of the futon cover, again, these stains are illustrated on the accompanying detail photos.

The side which reveals the round repairs would have been the side of the futon cover which was seen; the other side with its larger, rectangular format patches would not have been seen as this is the futon cover's "wrong" side.

It does not need much explaining to see that both sides have very different appeal and each is beautiful.

A very good-looking boro futon cover and one that will give a lot of pleasure over time.