A Thickly Woven Stenciled 19th Century Fragment: Rabbit and Shrimp

$40.00 USD

mid 19th century
13 1/2" x 6", 34.25 cm x 15 cm

This mid 19th century, heavily woven cotton fragment is a real curiosity and very collectible for its unusual images.

It is extremely thick, hand woven cotton which has been stencil dyed showing roundels of stylized animals and traditional motifs: on the bottom is a rabbit; above the rabbit is a shrimp, above that are pilgrim's hats. Behind these images is a spray of auspicious noshi or strands of dried abalone, a symbol of good fortune.

This cotton is said to be woven in an unusually thick way as it was meant to have been used as an obi shin.  And obi shin is a cloth that was intended to be layered inside an obi, which would help give the obi its rigid form.

A beautiful and collectible little textile fragment.