A Thickly Layered and Stenciled Heavy Paper: Lacquered Back

$125.00 USD

late nineteenth century
28" x 29", 71 cm x 73.5 cm

This nearly-square paper object is made from several layers of paper so it is rigid by nature. Its four creases make it less strong because it folds onto itself --and the creases also beg us to wonder its original use.

The front side is stained in kakishibu or green persimmon tannin which yields a mahogany brown color. Images of playful butterflies and carelessly strewn chrysanthemums are stenciled onto this brown ground.

The back, for some, might be the more interesting side because it is solid black in color. It has been lacquered.

This paper has been folded time and again and has been used and stored for a very long time. Therefore the creases are worn and the surface is scuffed; the areas on the folds are most worn especially the areas when two fold come together.

A curious object and a beautiful one, certainly it is asking to be displayed either front or back facing the viewer.

Really lovely.