A Tattered and Fragile Boro Jacket: Good Color and Patches

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
24" x 35 1/2", 61 cm x 90 cm

This short boro jacket is threadbare and tattered--and that said it is being offered here not to be worn but to be studied, admired or displayed as art.

If you have determination, skill and imagination you can continue the patching and repair that was already done to this piece and perhaps you can strengthen it enough to wear: by doing so you will extend the life of the garment as it had been intended by the original mender of this garment.

The cotton that comprises the base cloth is thin, soft and supple. You can easily see breaks and tears to it on both front and back. But how wonderful it is to see the choice of patches used: they are in beautiful visual contrast to the base cloth and create an inspired treat for the eye.

This is quite well-worn but it is still very good looking and will hopefully act as inspiration for fashion, interiors or art projects, or to be hung on the wall to be admired for what it is.