A Taiten Shibori Yukata: Indigo Dyed Textured Cotton

$156.00 USD

**reduced from $195.00**
mid twentieth century
50" x 52", 127 cm x 132 cm

This is a full--seemingly unused--indigo cotton yukata that has been dyed in the taiten shibori technique.

Taiten shibori is a type of shibori where the length of cloth is drawn down and compressed along a series of stiff warp yarns before it is dyed creating a tight, accordion-like bundle.

The result of this process is as you see here: the cloth is dappled with a series of small, regularly spaced blips of indigo that dot the entire length of this lightweight cotton yukata.

A yukata is an unlined, casual kimono.  

This yukata was made for a man but if you are a woman and would like to buy this wear, feel no hesitation in doing so. Please note the material is stiff to the touch as if it has been starched. Likely the fabric will soften with use.

 This is a wonderful-looking and still quite wearable taiten shibori yukata.

Very handsome.

A Taiten Shibori Yukata: Indigo Dyed Textured Cotton