A Subtly and Generously Repaired Cotton Boro Kimono: Fully Lined

$425.00 USD

early twentieth century
48" (sleeve tip to sleeve tip) x 48" (shoulder to hem)
122 cm (sleeve tip to sleeve tip) x 122 cm (shoulder to hem)

This is a beautifully--yet subtly--repaired cotton kimono which is hand stitched of a wonderful variety hand woven stripes, about four different ones in total.

It is fully lined in a faded, indigo dyed cotton which is also beautifully repaired.

The pale blue tones of the lining add a marvelous color contrast to the dark and subtle tones of the kimono's exterior. 

The lining is so lovely for its faded blues and its good repairs that it is equally interesting to the proper exterior--if turned inside-out the kimono could be enjoyed as fully as when seen as it was meant to be.

The kimono shows a good amount of artfully repaired damage on front and back. There has been a clever use of stripes to repair the striped base of the kimono: the repairs are made of similarly-woven stripes so the repaired areas are not wildly noticeable.

There is much mending and this is the beauty of this old kimono: pore over the detail photos here to see the intense work of the repairs which are each artful and delightful to the eye.

Still very wearable.