A Stunning Yellow Silk Kimono: Fully Lined in Safflower Dyed Cloth

$245.00 USD

late nineteenth century
59" x 49", 149.85 cm x 124.45 cm

What a beautiful sight, this shining yellow silk kimono, yuzen dyed and finely embroidered at its bottom hem and fully lined in fairly flawless benibana or safflower dyed silk of a classic, and rich, orange tone.

The yellow color of this kimono is magical and of course it was attained using natural dye. Although there are zones of light fading and some very faint staining especially on the shoulder and sleeve areas (shown in detail photos here) these areas truly do not detract from the overall enjoyment of this beautifully colored kimono.

Around the bottom hem we see a border of intricately dyed and painted images of what appear to be folded paper noshi and mizuhiki, the knotted cord associated with this auspicious symbol. Hand painted sprigs of blossoming plum branches can also be seen, plum being a symbol of courage or strength.

As mentioned the lining is in very good condition--the color of the light fugitive safflower dyed cloth is more often than not mottled from use and this one is not, which asks the question if this yellow kimono was worn or not. 

There are five family crests on the kimono, three in back and two in front, delicately resist dyed and then hand painted. The kimono is very, very lightly padded with cotton, with a heavier layer around the bottom hem for weight.

Although there are faint but real flaws to the yellow dye this unusually colored kimono is sure to provide immense visual pleasure--and it is advisable to keep it from direct sunlight to avoid fading.