A Strangely Marked and Pieced Sashiko Stitched Fragment: Partial Backing

$275.00 USD

early twentieth century
43" x 30 1/2", 109 cm x 77.5 cm

This eccentric, boro, sashiko-stitched beauty is a tattered fragment from a larger piece--and it shows a great deal of very good sashiko stiching which is laid in patches in arbitrary placement.

The back side, highlighted here, shows a strange network of narrow, white cotton lines: in fact this network is the remnants of a white, cotton reinforcement which would have been placed in the center of the inside of a furoshiki to render the traditional carrying cloth more durable. Someone along the line decided to tear away this reinforcing piece along the stitched lines which held it to the base, therefore inadvertently creating this wonderfully artful white "drawing" on the back of the fragment.

The proper "front" of this fragment is beautifully sashiko stitched and shows one large, irregularly-shaped sashiko stitched patch attached to its center, making for a beautifully irregular design.

A very odd and beautiful piece.