A Stitched Zokin: Recycled Shirt?

$20.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
15" x 11", 38 cm x 28 cm

This is an interesting, hand woven, layered cotton zokin or dust cloth.

What makes it interesting its unusual shape: often zokin are rectangular in shape and this one is a rectangle with a kind of strange, extension emerging from one of its corners..  

This effect may be due to the fact that this zokin seems have been refashioned from a garment; it seems this was a shirt that was folded in half and the two sleeves were laying on top of each other before they were stitched closed.  

Just wonderful.

The dustrag is sashiko stitched all over, is well-worn, faded and abraded, and is a lovely and unusual sashiko stitched boro cloth.

Just lovely--and awfully unusual.

A Stitched Zokin: Recycled Shirt?