A Stenciled Very Long Nobori Bata: Hand Spun Cotton

$135.00 USD

early twentieth century
108" x 14", 274.5 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a very long--or tall--nobori bata which is a banner hung to celebrate or observe the festival of boys day (in the case).

The cotton is slubby, hand spun and hand woven. It is stencil dyed with two black family crests, the top one being stylized wisteria and the bottom one being paulownia.

Below it is a grace depiction of tall, slender leaves that are beautifully drawn. No doubt these sword-like leaves are an allusion to a samurai or hero's sword and are meant to call to mind masculine traits or virtues such as bravery and resilience. There is a faint stain to this area of the nobori bata which can be easily seen on the accompanying detail photos.

The top is shown here folded over itself in order for the one tab to be easily seen: the stitches used to adhere the tab to the base cloth is of a classic type.

In good condition for its age this is a very handsome old textile with great design.

A Stenciled Very Long Nobori Bata: Hand Spun Cotton