A Stencil Dyed Happi: Wonderful Pattern and Design

$125.00 USD

mid twentieth century
33" x 46", 84 cm x 117 cm

This tone-on-tone lined cotton coat is called a happi which might be somewhat familiar to those who know about Japanese culture.

It shows a fascinating and bold centrally-placed image emblazoned on the top back of the coat. The image is the classic well cover image which is depicted in 3-D perspective that is at the same time also seen as a flat, silhouette. Very odd and interesting.

All around the bottom 2/3 of the happi are oversized, very stylized kanji or Chinese characters. Both this kanji overlay and the large emblem on the back of the coat are set against a faux kasuri patterned background. The pale tone of purplish blue that can be seen is slightly mottled and there are some faint and isolated areas of slight yellowing. 

The jacket is lined and is still very wearable. The construction of the sleeves is slightly different from most coats of this kind as they are set on a slight downward angle, not completely straight across like on traditional Japanese jackets of this type.

Wonderfully graphic and still quite sturdy this coat's dimensions are listed above as shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip.