A Square Pieced Sindhi Ralli: Interesting on Both Sides

$192.00 USD

reduced from $240.00
ca. mid twentieth century
30" x 30", 76 cm x 76 cm

A ralli is a piece constructed and quilted cloth made from layers of discarded cloth and configured into a multitude of traditional patterns.  

Rallis hail from Sindh, Pakistan, a southern area that is contiguous to the Indian states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat, where some of these quilts are also sewn. Lines and lines of running stitch  secure and strengthen the layers of cloth that make a ralli.

A ralli is used as a bed cover for a traditional wooden sleeping cots, as a floor covering, bag or as padding for a work animal. Both Hindu and Muslim women create these textiles, whose name is derived from the local word ralanna which means to mix or to connect.

This is a square-shaped ralli, which once may or may not have been a dowry bag; a dowry bag is made by taking a square piece such as this one and folding the corners in to make an envelope shape.

Nonetheless, this is a very beautiful cotton ralli and each side, front and back, is just beautiful.  The back is subtle and "boro" and is made from madder dyed cotton.  The front is exuberantly patchworked with the central panel being a commercially produced cotton of a vibrant floral pattern.  Note on the accompanying photos the small patches within this floral field.

A wonderful, old ralli, with great personality.

A Square Pieced Sindhi Ralli: Interesting on Both Sides