A Sparely Decorated Shibori Han Juban: Simplicity of Design

$196.00 USD

**reduced from $245.00**
early to mid twentieth century
28" x 24", 71 cm x 61 cm

This hand stitched, hand dyed cotton shibori garment is a half-under kimono called a han juban

The sleeves are missing which is often the case with this type of garment: collars and sleeves were often taken off or replaced by the owner and often the sleeves were of a very different material than the body of the han juban.

What is lovely about this one is the spare tie-dyed shibori which decorates the bodice: small white splotches on a dark indigo field are widely spaced in simple symmetry, creating a delightfully stark pattern.

The side seams under the arm holes have become a bit unraveled near where the sleeve would have been, probably from the former owner of the han juban removing the sleeves. 

The collar is of recycled, indigo dyed cotton, faded strong so it shows different tones of blue.