A Soulful and Attractive Boro Kimono: Large Patches

$135.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
44" x 46", 111.75 cm x 117 cm

This is a good looking, narrow-striped, deep colored, cotton kimono which shows quite a lot of patching and repair to the body and the sleeves.  

The kimono itself was probably used for work, although it may have been used by a city person, not necessarily by someone who lived and worked in a rural area.

The proper inside of the kimono is shown here in order to highlight the patching and mending; the proper outside of the kimono is un-patched, although it shows some wear and some evidence that the inside is as patched as it is.

The kimono's mending is done by hand with the exception of a patch on the proper, left, front of the garment where the large, brown, cotton patch is applied using a sewing machine.

The boro kimono has a bit of a dramatic look due to the large-scale patches and nice size of the garment itself--and it's still wearable.

A wonderful old kimono from old Japan and one that shows good boro details.

A Soulful and Attractive Boro Kimono: Large Patches