A Song of Praise for Shifu

$80.00 USD

hardcover, sewn
412 pages
490 images in the text, full color

Susan J. Byrd presents a comprehensive description of shifu—a Japanese textile woven from thread made with paper.

This is complemented by an historical overview of the many uses of shifu through past centuries. Also included is detailed information about making the paper and thread from the sheet, spinning and weaving, as well as dyeing the thread and the finished textile with natural dyes.

Appendices include artistic works created by internationally renowned artists, resources (suppliers, museums, and craftspeople/artists), and an extensive glossary in Japanese and English.

This copy features two samples: Nishinouchi shifu yōshi, a paper handmade forshifu by Daisuke Kikuchi and a finely woven silk and paper cloth made by Sadako Sakurai, the esteemed Japanese shifu weaver.

Proceeds from the author’s royalties are going to some of the craftspeople in Japan, such as Sadako Sakurai and Seiki Kikuchi, to help them continue their efforts in preserving shifu