A Small Sashiko Stitched Boro Furoshiki: Four Stitched Corners

$125.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
35" x 36", 89 cm x 91.5 cm 

This is a very good looking, very sashiko stitched, small, indigo dyed cotton furoshiki, a traditional wrapping cloth, that has been dyed in indigo.

The four corners of this wonderful hand made cloth are rich in sashiko stitching and the areas of stitching are generous.  On the bottom two corners can be seen the Chinese-borrowed sayagata pattern, a kind of Buddhist design that is based on interlocking swastika patterns and which is sometimes called silk weave since the pattern woven into Chinese silk damasks.  The proper right, bottom corner shows a family name.  On the top left is the classic Japanese pattern called asa no ha or hemp leaf, and the upper right corner shows interlocking octagons.  

Note the beautifully stitched edging that runs up the right-hand and left-hand edges of the furoshiki, quite well done.

The furoshiki is hand stitched from three panels of cotton and shows repairs: it shows three, hand stitched, indigo dyed cotton patches affixed to the surface.

Please note that as this furoshiki has been well-used, the central area of the cotton is distended.

A luxuriously stitched furoshiki and one in good, used condition.

A Small Sashiko Stitched Boro Furoshiki: Four Stitched Corners