A Simply Resist Dyed Diaper: Itajime Shibori Grid

$35.00 USD

mid twentieth century
26" x 12 1/2", 66 cm x 31.75 cm

This supple, lightweight cotton cloth measures, as shown as 26" or 66 cm in length, when in reality as it is twice that since this is a length of cotton that has been stitched as a "tube," short end to short end.

It is a traditional Japanese diaper and is dyed in the itajime shibori or clamp dyed method.  The cotton would have been folded, then clamped, and then the edges would have been dyed.  The result is this pale blue, indigo dyed grid.

The indigo color is of medium tone and is blue-grey.  This diaper is hand stitched.

Really lovely.