A Simply Beautiful Length of Hand Spun Cotton: Sophisticated Color

$95.00 USD

late nineteenth century
34" x 13 1/12", 86.5 cm x 34 cm

This plaid cotton length with its subtlety and originality of color tones, its beautiful design, its richly textured hand spun cotton yarns and its expert weaving is a little gem of Japanese folk textiles and one that should not be overlooked.

The softness of the blue color and the warm brown tones as they visually interact to form a plaid is somehow perfect. The brown tones give the impression the cotton may not be dyed but in its natural state: there is a kind of naturally occurring brown-colored cotton and its appearance is very much like what we see here.

A spray of small dot/stains and a little loss at the top, left hand corner, all pictured.

With very good age and superior design, color and execution this is a Japanese folk textile to consider owning. It is an unselfconscious beauty.