A Silk Han Juban: Embroidered Collar and Sleeves

$85.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
23 1/2" x 51", 59.75 cm x 129.5 cm

This is a simple and beautiful garment: it is a silk han juban, or a half under-kimono and it seems all its component parts are made of recycled silk

The sleeves and the collar are made of hand embroidered, chirimen or crepe silk: the sleeves are dyed to show pine trees with some selected areas embellished by gold couching.  The color is stitched with embroidery in the water plantain motif.

The bodice of the garment is a lightweight, katazome dyed silk; the garment is totally hand stitched and is partially lined in what appears to be safflower or benibana dyed silk.

Although the silks are fairly lightweight, the garment seems to be quite well-made: certainly it is very attractive and contains some lovely examples of Japanese needlework.

Really lovely.

A Silk Han Juban: Embroidered Collar and Sleeves