A Silk and Cotton Zanshi Panel: Multi-Color

$65.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
54" x 12", 137 cm x 30.5 cm

Zanshi-ori is cloth which is woven from leftover or remaindered yarns. Usually, as in this case, the warp yarns are fixed and the weft yarns are those which are remaindered.

This length of woven leftover threads is made of a cotton warp and what appears to be a weft composed of mainly silk yarns; the resultant texture is heavy and drapey and the cloth shows wonderful slubs all over.

The coloration of the cloth is unusual as it is made of many different colors; from a distance the general feel of the color is muted.

This length of cloth is hand stitched from three separate pieces, and this piece of zanshi-ori is simply beautiful, in the literal sense of the words.

A Silk and Cotton Zanshi Panel: Multi-Color