A Short Length of Indigo Dyed Kasuri: Umbrellas, Pine Bark and Floating Weft

$45.00 USD

early twentieth century
32" x 13 1/2", 82.5 cm x 34 cm

This is a short length of beautifully designed plaid and kasuri indigo dyed cotton cloth.

Each of the quadrants are filled with an interesting decorative detail: we can see images of umbrellas and a jagged diamond-shape that represents stylized pine bark which are woven in a weft-based kasuri called egasuri or "picture kasuri."

The grid that can be seen in the squares which do not contain an image seems to be made using a "floating" weft of two yarns, blue and white, that are twisted together: a beautiful effect. This addition to the short length is a lovely, sophisticated one which subtly enhances the piece.

In good, used condition with just a few snags and discreet areas of loss, this is a charming length of old kasuri cotton.