A Short Length of Festival Rope: Brown and White

$75.00 USD

mid twentieth century
as shown: 3" x 13 1/2" x 7", 7.5 cm x 34 cm x 17.75 cm
approximate length: 18', 5.6 meters

This is a length of cotton rope that is made from twisting cotton cloth to make a cord, and then intertwining two strands of this cord to make a rope.  In the case of this well-used rope, the colors are brown and white cotton and there is a strong patina from wear which is still evident on this length.

Bi-colored rope such as this indicates that it was used either at a shrine or temple festival, or, perhaps, on a daily basis at a temple in the service of suspending a maku or bunting from it.  In any case, colored rope of this nature is decorative and was used on festive, ceremonial or ecclesiastical occasions.

A wonderful and collectible object from old Japan.