A Shibori Han Juban: Half Under Kimono

$110.00 USD

mid twentieth century
21 1/2" x 44 1/2", 54.5 cm x 113 cm

This completely hand stitched garment is a han juban or a half-under kimono. Its bodice is made of indigo shibori dyed, lightweight cotton and the sleeves are of pieced-together of cotton and either silk or jinken (rayon).

The han juban is typical of those made in days gone by: they were made of (at least) partially recycled cloth and there was often a slightly playful spirit to these under-kimono, probably because they were hidden under a somber colored every day kimono.

As can be easily seen the garment is stitched entirely by hand and there is wear to it, especially on the sleeves.

Still, this is a really charming old garment from Japan and is of type hardly, if ever, worn these days.