A Shibori Dyed Mat: Finished Edges

$65.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
23" x 17 1/4", 58.5 cm x 43.75 cm

This gauzy cotton, shibori dyed textile is finished along its four edges suggesting it was used for a specific purpose, perhaps as a mat to sit on during the summer, perhaps a mat for a baby to lie on--both suggestions are speculation, but certainly its original use was not far from these ideas.

The cloth is patterned beautifully with large-scale, indigo dyed shibori designs: the cloth used for this textile was no doubt recycled from a summer kimono called a yukata and this shibori was likely made in one of Japan's most enduring shibori dyeing centers at Narumi-Arimatsu.

The cloth is very soft and pliant and the indigo dyed shibori medallions are slightly faded from age and use. The textile itself is beautiful in its simplicity and for the richly dyed shibori motifs that decorate it.


A Shibori Dyed Mat: Finished Edges