A Shibori Dyed Furoshiki: Traditional Carrying Cloth

$85.00 USD

42" x 40", 106.5 cm x 101.5 cm

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square of cloth which is used for wrapping, carrying and hauling.

It is machine finished from one, wide piece of  power loomed cotton and it is dyed in the shibori method.

The top, right corner of the furoshiki is dyed in the shibori method and shows a pattern of shibori dyed plum blossoms and circles which are referred to as kumo or spiderweb. The rust/ochre color is mottled as can be seen in the accompanying detail photos. The deep green color, along with the brownish color, are more than likely dyed with synthetic color.

A beautifully designed and executed traditional Japanese textile, seemingly never used.