A Shibori Dyed Cotton Furoshiki: Re-purposed Yukata

$105.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
39 1/2" x 37 1/4", 100.25 cm x 94.5 cm

This nearly-square indigo dyed shibori cloth is a furoshiki or a traditional wrapping cloth used for the storage or hauling of bundled goods.

This one is unusual because it was hand stitched from indigo dyed lightweight cotton yukata, a yukata being a casual, unlined summer kimono.

The shibori is bold consists of wide bands of deeply toned indigo interspersed with white bands that show evidence of pleating. The alignment--or misalignment--of the pieces as they form a square is really lovely: the narrow center pieces no doubt came from the collar parts of the yukata.

There are a few holes and snags to the cloth shown in the detail photos that accompany this post.

This would be a beautifully graphic artwork to hang and to admire and it can also be used for its original intention as a wrapping cloth however the cotton is lightweight and old and it might not be strong enough for some applications.

Just beautiful.

A Shibori Dyed Cotton Furoshiki: Re-purposed Yukata