A Shape Resist Dyed Rajasthani Turban: Stunning Colors

$225.00 USD
early to mid twentieth century
approximately 15 yards x 8", approximately 14 meters x 20.25 cm

This is a really beautiful shape resist dyed turban from Rajasthan, India which is made from light weight cotton, almost a gossamer weight: the cloth is finely woven and is translucent--just marvelous.

The dyeing, too, is marvelous: this length of cloth was expertly dyed by pleating the cloth to achieve the diagonally-oriented stripe design that is both delicate and bold at the same time.

The colors--or the progression of colors--is beautifully thought out and executed. The greenish tone that is interspersed between the dominant red and yellow colors adds tremendously to the optical magnificence of this wonderful Indian textile.

As can be seen on the accompanying detail photos this turban has been worn and the condition reflects that--the heavy gold band at the one short end is split as can be seen and the length of the turban itself shows a bit of fading, wear and a few small holes.

A remarkable piece to study or to display.