A Sashiko Stitched Work Accessory: Layered Rustic Shoulder Pad

$120.00 USD

early twentieth century
18" x 13 3/4", 45.75 cm x 35 cm

This densely sashiko stitched and heavily layered textile is a work accessory--it was meant to be placed around the neck and shoulders in order to buffer the body against the friction of straps that would be carrying burden on the back.

Here we see an expertly done field of the persimmon flower or kaki no hana motif which is stitched in dark indigo thread against an equally dark indigo cotton ground. The reverse side is shown on the lead in photos here because the contrast of tone shows off the sashiko stitching in a more dramatic way.

The accessory is made of about three layers of cotton and if you look carefully at the proper "reverse" side, or the side shown on the first photos, you will see there is some form of ancillary stitching beneath the field of persimmon flower, quite curious.

This piece is in good, used condition and is both curious and attractive.