A Sashiko Stitched Shibori Diaper: Lined

$35.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
26" x 13", 66 cm x 33 cm

This lightweight cotton cloth is a traditional, Japanese diaper and is dyed in the itajime shibori or clamp dyed method.  This particular diaper, is stitched together to form a "tube" and the above noted dimensions reflect the size of the piece as shown.  Were the tube undone, the length would be twice what is noted.  

It is composed of two layers which are sashiko stitched together; on the back side of this diaper there is lining of commercially produced cotton that shows a pattern of small, stylized strawberries.

To create the shibori pattern, the cotton would have been folded in a series of triangular folds, then clamped, and then the edges would have been dyed.  The result is this field of blue on white, kaleidoscopic, eight pointed "flowers" which are configured more or less along the lines of a hexagon. 

There are four lines of sashiko stitching down the length of this diaper, a very nice feature.  The shibori dyed cotton face is quite clear and shows little wear, with the exception of a tiny stain, shows in the accompanying photos.

In good, used condition.

Really lovely.
A Sashiko Stitched Shibori Diaper: Lined