A Sashiko Stitched Head Covering from Akita : Tenugui Lining

$90.00 USD

mid twentieth century
56" x 13 1/4", 142 cm x 33.5 cm

This indigo dyed, sashiko stitched cotton is a traditional head covering from Japan's north east or Tohoku region.  The head covering is called a zukin or a naga tenugui.

This piece comes from Akita prefecture and was worn by women while working in the fields . The spare sashiko stitching markings are a very nice foil to the dark blue cotton ground as are the kasuri details that are stitched to the piece.

One of the two short ends of the head covering is stitched but unfinished.

The reverse shows a wonderful visual surprise. It is lined with recycled tenugui, a kind of hand towel that very often shows intentionally charming images: sometimes tenugui are gifts from local businesses or sold as souvenirs at tourist areas. The tenugui used here have a decidedly mid-century feeling so it is likely that that zukin was made in the 1940s or 50s. 

This head covering lays flat so it can easily be used as a home accessory--or it can be folded and used as a hat!