A Gorgeously Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki: Kasuri Dyed Cotton

$236.00 USD

**reduced from $295.00**
early to mid twentieth century
44" x 41", 111.5 cm x 104 cm

This is a super charming folk textile: it is a traditional furoshiki which is a Japanese wrapping cloth used to carry, haul or store household, or other, items.

This beautifully made furoshiki is hand stitched from three  panels of hand woven, striped, kasuri cotton of wonderful design: the light-colored, chevron-like images in each of the wide, dark stripes is a Japanese design based on the arrow feather.

On each of its four corners are sashiko stitched reinforcements that are also done according to traditional Japanese motifs. 

On two opposing corners we see the stitching is done to resemble or suggest the chrysanthemum. The other two corners show what appear to be a "tumbling block" pattern which is, when considered from another visual standpoint, is actually the famous hemp leaf or asa no ha motif.

Please pay special attention to the expert sashiko stitching to the furoshiki's two sides which is detailed in the accompanying photos: it is a beautiful detail.

Because this furoshiki was actually used during its lifetime, its center is slightly distended and therefore it does not lay completely flat: this is a characteristic of most well-used furoshiki.  Also, please note the spray of small holes and very faint stain, some the size of a pin head, that are pictured on the accompanying detail photographs.

A wonderful old folk textile; a real beauty.