A Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki: Kasuri Cotton

$132.00 USD

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mid twentieth century
42" x 40", 106.5 cm x 101.5 cm

This is a sashiko stitched cotton furoshiki which is hand stitched from three pieces of cotton, each a traditional loom width of about 13" or 33 cm.  

A furoshiki is a traditional wrapping/carrying/hauling cloth and this one has been used for this purpose because the center of the furoshiki, which would have been where the carried goods where placed, is slightly distended from repeated wear.  This furoshiki does not lay flat.

The base cloth is a dull-colored brown colored kasuri cotton of good weight and it is hand loomed. Spread over the surface of the piece are small holes and tears, around 7 or so in all, each very difficult to see.  The three panels which comprise the furoshiki are hand stitched together.

The two opposing corners of the cloth show a rather complex sashiko stitched rendering of a section of a grove of bamboo; the other two opposing corners shows sashiko cherry blossoms which are floating on the surface of a stream.

A beautiful, utilitarian cloth from old Japan and one that shows a great deal of traditional hand work and artistry.