A Sashiko Stitched Cotton Furoshiki: Elaborate Decoration

$215.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
37" x 38", 94 cm x 96.5 cm

Sashiko stitched furoshiki like this one are what could be though of as "iconic" Japanese folk textiles as they show some of the most notable characteristics of that genre, namely indigo dyed cotton and white sashiko stitching.

This is a well-designed and well-executed sashiko stitched furoshiki. A furoshiki is a wrapping/ hauling/ carrying cloth that is still very much used in Japan--and judging from the loss to the cloth of the two corners we can see that this furoshiki was also well used in its lifetime.

This particular one is hand stitched from three panels of indigo dyed cotton which are now scuffed and slightly marred from years of use.

The beautifully done white cotton sashiko stitching is rich in design and its design is vibrant. On the top, right corner we see the sayagata motif at whose core is the Buddhist swastika symbol. A family name is superimposed over this field of sayagata.

On the opposing corner we see a motif called bishamon kikko, a popular design motif.

Overall this is a very nice, fully realized furoshiki. The center of the cloth is a bit distended from wear and there is the loss to the two corners as described above.

A Sashiko Stitched Cotton Furoshiki: Elaborate Decoration