A Sashiko Stitched Cloth: Patched and Repaired

$30.00 USD

mid twentieth century
13 1/2" x 25 3/4", 34 cm x 63 cm

This is a long, attractively assembled and hand stitched cloth made of re-purposed, indigo dyed cotton. Judging from its proportions, size and method of creation, more than likely this was intended to be used as a diaper.

This charming piece is about two layers thick and its entire surface is stitched in a wide grid pattern using white sashiko stitches. There is a noticeable repair on the proper left, front of the piece which was probably carried over from the cloth used to stitch this.

As this is a simply made and attractive piece it can be easily integrated into home decor orĀ admiredĀ as artwork.

Just beautiful.

A Sashiko Stitched Cloth: Patched and Repaired