A Sashiko Stiched Cotton Diaper or Zokin: Dynamic Pattern

$45.00 USD

mid twentieth century
22 3/4" x 12", 57.75 cm x 30.5 cm

What a beautiful, complex and eye-dazzling cloth.

This rectangular-shaped cotton cloth is comprised of about four layers, the topmost which we can see in the accompanying photos shows a fabulous pattern: the complex black-on-blue repeat pattern shows a repeat with a grid-design background on which are seen three family crests, each a different size.

Most likely this design was applied to the cloth using the chusen method, a type of stencil application that uses a vacuum to pull color through layers of cloth: traditional tenugui were made in using this technique.

The four or so layers of cloth are hand stitched together with a wonderful sashiko pattern that is unusual and gives a unique effect: it is composed of rows of zigzags that meet and intersect in a playful manner.

Note as well the two loops at the top of the cloth.  These loops indicate that this cloth may have once been a diaper, although this is unclear.

Really lovely, and recommended.

A Sashiko Stiched Cotton Diaper or Zokin: Dynamic Pattern