A Sakiori Work Vest or 'Sodenashi'

$332.00 USD

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ca. early Twentieth century
29" x 14" x 74 cm x 36 cm

This is a rural work garment, called a sodenashi, which is very thickly and tightly woven from torn strips of discarded cotton cloth, mostly indigo-dyed. A sodenashi is a work vest that was intended to be worn over other clothing, and was used primarily by those working in mountains, carrying wood or charcoal, for use in the home.

Please note the elaborately sashiko stitched nape gusset and the glints of bright red peeking out in two very discrete areas.

This garment is thickly woven and clearly was intended for hard use, which is evidenced in the wear to the piece.

See similar examples in 'Riches from Rags: Saki-ori and Other Recycling Traditions in Japanese Rural Clothing', page 40, and available on this site.

A Sakiori Work Vest or 'Sodenashi'