A Sakiori Obi: Supplementary Weft in Rag Weave

$105.00 USD

mid twentieth century
120" x 6 1/4", 315 cm x 16 cm

This is a beautifully designed, woven and colored sakiori obi--sakiori is the Japanese word for rag woven textiles. 

This is an obi, a traditional kimono sash which, in the early-to-mid twentieth century were often woven from a rag weft to be worn with casual kimono. 

This obi is attractive for its rich color toned design which shows a beautifully  progression of colors up the length of the obi: tones of white, brown green and purple are set against a warp of blue-black cotton. A wonderful feature on this cloth are the regularly-spaced and plentiful horizontal white "blips" which are featured on the brown colored bars on the obi. 

There is one small area where a reddish color exists, shown in the accompanying detail photos which could either be a red stain or a stray, red rag yarn piece.

The obi is woven with cotton weft yarns.

In good, used condition with one end being slightly light faded and softer in tone than the body of the obi.


A Sakiori Obi: Supplementary Weft in Rag Weave