A Sakiori Obi: Muted Mottled Rag Weave with Flaws

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
120" x 6 1/4", 305 cm x 16.5 cm

Shown here is a sakiori obi, which is a traditional kimono sash that has been woven from a weft of shredded, recycled cottons.

This is a really beautiful sakiori obi for its muted colors and its mottled tones: it was woven from leftover cotton rag yarn in good colors and its design seems not to have been structured around any formal idea rather it was woven freely with whatever yarns were at hand.

There is an almost iridescent quality to the overall look of this piece due to its mottling and the black cotton warp yarns add a depth of color to the overall tone of the piece.

The texture of this obi, too, is very nice and please do note some damage to the obi as can be seen on the detail photos here.

A particularly good example of a sakiori obi for its shifting color tones and its subdued palette.


A Sakiori Obi: Muted Mottled Rag Weave with Flaws