A Sakiori-Like Obi: Mottled Subtle Colors

$95.00 USD
early to mid twentieth century
116" x 6", 294.5 cm x 15 cm

Shown here is a subtly toned, mottled-in-color rustic obi, which is a traditional kimono sash that has been woven from a beige colored cotton warp and a weft of multi-colored twisted soft cotton yarns.

Unlike most sakiori-like rustic obi which are rigid this one is supple and drapey.

The weft yarn is multicolored and random with the exception of pairs of rich violet bars that recur along the length of the obi. The overall color impression is a neutral mixed color that appears to be a textured grey tone.

The mottled tones are beautiful to see and the dull, low contrast appearance of color is unusual.


A Sakiori-Like Obi: Mottled Subtle Colors