A Sakiori Obi: Finished Edges

$90.00 USD

mid twentieth century
106" x 6", 268 cm x 15.25 cm

This is a  beautifully hand woven sakiori obi, which is a traditional kimono sash where shredded cloth is used as its weft yarn.

The weave is done in such a way that the muted blue and red colors are shown in a kind of staggered, columnar effect, sometimes suggesting checkerboard.  Just beautiful. Note as well the finishing to the two ends of the obi: a piece of commercially woven cotton was hand stitched to each of the ends and this contrast adds charm to this already lovely old textile.

This rustic obi is in good, used condition.  

An especially handsome folk textile in a beautiful color palette--this obi a rare treat.

Very recommended.

A Sakiori Obi: Finished Edges