A Sakiori Obi: Arrow Feather Like Design

$95.00 USD

mid twentieth century
105" x 6 3/4", 266.5 cm x 17 cm

This is a lovely sakiori obi, or a rustic, traditional kimono sash that is woven using shredded cloth as its weft yarn and which is woven using a tapestry method wherein images or designs are produced.  Not very usual for a sakiori obi.

The warp yarns are of very fine, black dyed cotton and the weft yarns seem to be primarily sild and are in dark tones of red, black orange and greys. The tapestry weaving created images that possibly evoke arrow feathers or yabane, a traditional design motif in Japan as well as stepped designs which separate the design.

This lovely obi is in good, used condition and because of the silk weft the length is drapy in the hand.

A beautiful, vibrantly colored folk textile.


A Sakiori Obi: Arrow Feather Like Design