A Rustic Woven Hemp Bag: Rough Twined Cord

$195.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
21 3/4" x 10", 55 cm x 25.5 cm

This is a gloriously rustic, very roughly woven and heavily worn old hemp cloth bag.

The bottom of it is lined in old cotton for the purposes of reinforcement and evidence of sashiko stitches which hold the cotton lining in place can be seen on the outside of the bag.

There is fading to the bag which follows the contours of the wrinkles that emanate from the bag's center: presumably the bag was cinched there, more than likely by the long, tough, hand twined cord that is attached to the side.

There is some evidence of hand writing on both sides of the bag but the surface is so rustic and well-worn that it is difficult to make out what the writing says.

The patina or color of the bag might be from having dipped it in kaki shibu or green persimmon tannin which leaves a brownish tone to cloth. But more than likely the rich, deep brown color is from exposure to the elements and from wear. Just beautiful.

The hemp cloth is thick and heavy. It is woven from wiry, hand plied yarns. In every way this embodies the characteristics of country cloth and its texture, age and attractively worn surface enhance its natural beauty.

A splendid country textile.