A Rustic Obi: Somber Autumnal Colors

$90.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
117" x 6 1/4", 297 cm x 15.75 cm

Although at first glance you may assume that this beautiful, rustic obi is woven from rags or is sakiori, a closer look shows us that this is woven from thickly spun yarns and does not use a rag weft yarn.

Still, it is beautiful. 

The color is deep, varied and rich and the condition is good.  The colors of the weft yarn are a deep, siena brown, black and a cool, deep grey color.  A black cotton warp further enriches this somber palette.

A barely noticeable crease runs down the center of this obi which means it was worn folded, maybe by a man.

Just beautiful in its colors and design.

A Rustic Obi: Somber Autumnal Colors