A Rustic Handwoven Sakiori Obi: Rag Weave

$95.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
120" x 7", 305 cm x 18 cm

This is a lovely sakiori obi, or a rustic, traditional kimono sash that is woven using shredded cloth as its weft yarn.

The warp yarns are very fine, black cotton and the weft yarns are evenly spaced cream and variegated earth tones.  It seems the cream colored stripes may not be of rag yarn, however the mottled, darker bands are of rag, and both the cream and dark bands seem to be silk, both yarn and rag.

This lovely obi is in good, used condition, with no visible stains or holes.  There are, however, some ingrained creases, only visible in certain light.

A beautiful, elegant folk textile.

A Rustic Handwoven Sakiori Obi: Rag Weave