A Rustic and Thickly Woven Sakiori Panel: Rag Weave

$125.00 USD

mid twentieth century
66" x 14 3/4", 167.5 cm x 37.5 cm

This is a handsome length of richly textured, heavy weight sakiori cloth: sakiori is a kind of weaving that uses shredded cloth for its weft yarn.

The cotton warp yarns are of red, green and white color which are barely noticeable given the heavy rag weft yarns that are woven against the warp. The weft yarns are in various, mottled and solid color tones which are fed in narrow, irregularly spaced stripes along the length of the cloth.

This sakiori panel is taken from a kotatsugake or hearth cover. A kotatsugake is a heavy weight cloth draped over a free-standing heated table that provides a heat source in cold weather. The family would gather around the kotatsu or heating source and slip their legs under the kotatsugake which trapped the warmth from the hearth.

This section's condition is good and used and there seems not to be stains or holes.